Graham Fleming

Tech Developer

Using only the most advanced technologies and coding, projects come alive with powerful applications and excellent user experience.

(403) 880-3357


Alberta / BC

2691 - Cooking Food II - Copy

Top Notch Applications

Using both frontend and backend coding applications allows me to design positive user experiences;  ease of use, ease of navigation, environment and workflow design fit, and pleasing color and format displays.

2721 - Trekking

Positive User Experience

Strive to meet and exceed the needs of the customer. By providing a seamless merger of design, marketing, graphics, site navigation and ease of purchase more customers will experience a positive visit to your online presence.

2717 - Lighthouse

Strategic Marketing Management

Using top global website traffic sources such as search, direct, referrals and social media along with content management formats such as Blog spots, infographics, enewsletters and online magazines to drive market share.

2675 - Binoculars

Data Analysis and Interpretation

Using innovative analytics, business intelligence and data management software to maximize connections with clients and potential clients building dashboards based on their feedback, product reviews and demographics.